About Us

The Perfect Pair-Warrensburg IL-Vendor Market

About Us

The Perfect Pair we are proud to be a vendor market with over 30 small businesses under one roof! Our 14000 square foot building is not just a retail store or consignment shop. We are providing a space for small business owners to create and grow. We are passionately pursuing opportunities to create, connect and empower one another. The Perfect Pair began as a mother-daughter furniture shop and hair salon in 2012 and has evolved into a phenomenal team of talented staff and vendors.

The owner of The Perfect Pair, Wanda Timmons, leads with intentional purpose to help others succeed. The shop has many slogans and mottos, but the two most often stated are, “It’s all about relationships,” and “Where everything has a story.” We believe that The Perfect Pair is building relationships with every person who walks through the doors. Those relationships have a meaningful and lasting effect.

So many of our customers tell us that The Perfect Pair is their "happy place". They come not just to shop, but to laugh and relax. Our vendors want to share their talents, their art and be a part of something beyond making money. Our staff come and stay because the work is fun and fulfilling. The Perfect Pair has become a family.