Hometown Market Application

  • 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 4-7pm. June 2nd to October 6th
  • Warrensburg Hometown Market is seeking vendors for 2022!

    Are you a farmer, maker, baker or artist local to Central Illinois and looking for a way to connect with the community? 

    You are JUST the person we’re looking for!  

    This is the first season for the Warrensburg Hometown Market and we’re seeking Vendors offering high-quality, Illinois produced products to join us in launching this fantastic new venue for our community.  All items must be homegrown, handmade or handcrafted (reselling and MLM are prohibited.) 

    This is an outdoor market in the parking lot of The Perfect Pair/121 Coffee Run, located on the highly-visible State Route 121 in Warrensburg, IL.  With traffic from the shops and the highway, this is a prime location for your wares!

    Keep reading for more information and submit an application.

    Applications will be reviewed by a committee to ensure all criteria is met before approval. 


    DATES: 1st and 3rd Thursdays from 4-7pm. June 2nd to October 6th.

    WHERE: The parking lot of The Perfect Pair and 121 Coffee Run, located at 266 IL-121, Warrensburg, IL 62573.

    SPACE: Vendor is allowed a 10'x10' ($20) or 10'x20' ($30) outdoor space.  Electricity is available ($5 additional charge.)  Community organizations and Student spaces are available at no charge.

    SETUP/TAKE DOWN: Each Vendor is responsible for their own setup and takedown (tables, chairs canapies, etc.) Canopies must be weighed down to prevent wind damage.

    Setup may begin no sooner than 2 hours before the open of the Market on the day of the event. Vendors must be ready to open by 4:00 pm. Take-down begins at 7:00 pm and no sooner.  Vendors are responsible for keeping their space looking nice during market hours and for cleaning up their space after the market closes, including removal of all garbage.  The Warrensburg Hometown Market, The Perfect Pair and 121 Coffee Run are not responsible for any loss or damage of Vendors' property or products.  

    PRODUCTS: All products must be homegrown, original, handmade or handcrafted items (reselling and MLM are prohibited.)  Vendors are required to adhere to all Illinois and County regulations regarding the selling of produce, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, or pet treats.

    CUSTOMER TRANSACTIONS: Each Vendor space must have somone working it from open to close.  Vendors are responsible for collecting payment for their items sold. Each Vendor must have their own tax ID and is responsible for collecting the applicable sales tax for their transactions.  

    APPLICATIONS: Applications will be reviewed by a committee to ensure all criteria is met before approval. Approved Vendors will be notified via email. Payment is due within 10 days of application approval in order to secure a space at the Market.

    The Warrensburg Hometown Market/The Perfect Pair/121 Coffee Run reserves the right to remove, without refund, any vendors misrepresenting themselves or products, or is deemed inappropriate or detrimental to the Market’s intents and purposes or the professional image of The Perfect Pair and 121 Coffee Run.