Healthy, NOT Hangry Learn To Eat Good To Feel Good February 3

Its almost February...are you still on track for your healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss journey?
Join us and nutitionist, Jennifer Donaldson, to learn how to do just that! She will take you from breakfast to night time snack without being hangry!
You'll also get:
*Tips for Grocery Shopping
*Help with middle-age weight gain (For Men & Women!)
*A Free Week of Meal Planning
*Tasty Samples from The Pair Pantry and 121 Coffee Run that will keep you on track.
*10% OFF items from The Pair Pantry purchased the day of class.
Jennifer is also available to help your continue your journey after class.
Healthy Nutrition Class
Saturday, February 3rd, 1:00-2:00 PM
$35 Per Person