Natural Life Embroidered Coin Purse - Washed Navy


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This Natural Life coin purse is the perfect accessory for any style. With its washed navy fabric and beautiful hand-embroidered design, this purse will add a unique touch to your everyday look. Carry your essential items in a way that is functional and fashionable!

Keep your coins in the sweetest style with the Natural Life Embroidered Coin Purse! This fun and quirky accessory features an adorable navy fabric and vibrant embroidered accents, making it the perfect pouch for your pocket change. Don't go broke, go Natural Life!

Embroidered Coin Purse - Washed Navy. Embroidered coin purse features a kisslock closure, and a smaller pocket inside with a kisslock closure. 72% viscose, 25% linen, 3% cotton

Item Number: 5933-170

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