The Snowman Waltz Children's Book


The Snowman Waltz Children's Book

The Snowman Waltz Children's Book 

On a cold winter's night under a starry sky, a dozen snowmen swoop down into a woodland glen. With a swing and a glide, they waltz in pairs, moving gracefully along a frozen river to a one?two?three tempo. Wearing top hats and colorful mittens, the snowmen bump, spin, and laugh as they make their way to dance on a frozen pond in a clearing.


But wait, who is tramping down the hill and into the very same space? A dozen penguins, with their gleaming eyes and red bowties, march into the clearing, interrupting the dance. It's a collision on ice. What a disaster!


How can both groups share the same space? What will it take to sort out this kerfuffle to the satisfaction of both parties? Told in lyrical text with contrasting rhythms, The Snowman Waltz Children's Book offers a subtle lesson in cooperation for readers of all ages. Back matter includes song and sheet music, as well as a finger dance activity.

By Karen Konnerth

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