Will's Co. Magic Flame Light for Indoor & Outdoor Use


Will's Co. Magic Flame Light The light can flicker or be on a solid light.Our BEST SELLER and exclusive color flame! Our cordless Magic Flame light features 96 LEDs to create the look of a real flame without the heat. The light comes with a USB charging cord and has a 6 hour timer and rechargeable lithium battery. Working time is 18 hours.  It also has a remote to turn it off and on.  The metal decorative cover can be removed to use for multiple purposes. It also has a steady on feature for a constant glow. The light also features a magnetic base and reversible flame so it can be hung from any metal object. It is the perfect lighting element for any event or home decor item. Magic Flame is also rain proof so it can be used inside or outdoors! Please Note: when plugging in the USB Cord - ONLY PUSH IT IN HALFWAY - It should not be pushed in all the way!

Dimensions: 5.5" x 3"


Item Number: 9816-2

Item ID: 50171

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