Zulay Immersion Hand Blender - 500W Color / BLUE

Immersion Hand Blender - 500W Blue

Smart Design The blade is made from 304 stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust. Thanks to its heavy duty and compact construction, it can fit in most mixing bowls, pots and beakers. High Speed Powerful Motor Built with a full-bodied DC full copper motor with 2 speed settings, quiet and turbo power. Features a speed turn dial with 8 adjustable levels that can be toggled for crushing, blending, and pulverizing in an instant. Stabilized Grip Handle Its curved handle is designed for maximum comfort. Engineered for stability and control when gripping to prevent slips and discomfort. Perfect for making soup, purée, scrambled eggs, whipped cream, pancake batter, smoothies, sauces, and more. 

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