Homemade By Humm

Kyli, who owns Homemade By Humm, has been crafting and woodworking since she was a young girl. "It all started with woodworking with my dad. He is the true master and has numerous years of woodworking under his belt. I only hope to one day be as good as he is! But for now, I am learning from him daily and always pick his brain to further my craft. I do what I do because it brings me happiness and joy to see customers have their visions brought to life or the joy of having something handmade.”

 When Kyli starts on a project, she likes to look for some inspirational photos that fit her vision and use them as a sounding board, tweaking things along the way as needed. Usually, from there she just plans in her head and jots notes about the project in a book so she can reference it if needed in the future. 

Kyli’s inspiration is knowing she can give new breath to an old piece and continue its story for many years to come.