Oakland Noodles 7 oz Thick Cut


Indulge in the hearty, satisfying taste of Oakland Noodles. With its thick cut, these noodles provide a mouth-watering texture and hold up well in any dish. Enjoy the convenience of a 32 oz package, making it perfect for family meals or stocking up for future cravings.  

Owner, Clarence "Happy" Ethington, has been working in the bakery industry since 1956 specializing in made-from-scratch baked goods. Todd Ethington, son of "Happy," began helping in the family bakery business at age 11.

We are unique because we hand cut our noodles with a 6-inch stainless steel chopper. Each noodle at Oakland Noodles Co. is between one-fourth and three-eighths inch wide, giving it the imperfect look of a homemade noodle. In today’s busy world, people like a product that reminds them of home cooked, homemade family dinners.

We do the work so they can take all the credit! 

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