Paige Tate & Co. Prayer Journal For Teen Girls


This 52-week devotional and guided prayer journal includes Scripture verses, reflections on the Word, and journaling prompts that will help teen girls feel more confident navigating life's challenges and remember that God is with them every step of the way.

From bestselling author Shannon Roberts, author of 
Prayer Journal for Women (more than 750,000 copies sold), comes this new devotional and prayer journal. As the mom to a young woman herself, Shannon has witnessed firsthand the challenges teen girls face these days, from insecurities and self-doubt caused by social media to peer pressure from friends and at school. Growing up today isn't easy, but Prayer Journal for Teen Girls gives young women a spiritual compass so that they can lean on the Bible for whatever they are facing each week and know God's Truth will guide them every step of the way.

A perfect companion for individual worship or for group Bible study, this undated 12-month journal features:
• A generous 8x10 trim size with plenty of space to write
• Four full pages for each week of the year
• Original illustrations on each page by author and artist Shannon Roberts

Each week includes four sections:
• Scripture: An inspiring Bible verse to reflect on throughout your week, giving you time to memorize the verse and ingrain it into your heart and soul.
• Reflect: Thoughts and questions prompted by the weekly Scripture verse, along with space to record your own thoughts and responses.
• Journal: Two full pages to journal your praise for God, your prayer requests, the things on your heart, and how you wish to be taught and guided, as well as a Bible verse about the power of prayer.
• Answered Prayers: A tracker with space to record your prayers, so you can see how God moves in your life throughout the course of a year.

Bible verses are organized thematically to provide lessons for all aspects of teen life:
Love & Inner Beauty • Provision & Faithfulness • God’s Love • Adversity & Trials • Awe & Sovereignty • Strength Through Faith • Fear • Grace & Forgiveness

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